Recently I was asked if Guides are a separate entity or if they are existing only within us.  Apparently some people argue that Guides are just a part of us and who we are – that they are the part of us that is on the spiritual path. 

Others have made me aware that they literally have hundreds of guides and when they work some of the guides’ state that they have been with them from previous incarnations.

Initially I was only ever aware of 2 guides both of whom worked with me on a sensory basis and have never given me names but I am aware of their different energies.

Then I decided to have healing from 2 different practioners.  And 2 further guides emerged – both I can see clearly but they never speak only gesture which is almost totally opposite of what I have experienced up till now.

So I asked my guides – all 4 of them – are they separate or only a part of us.

 They found this humorous and went on to give me insights into their previous incarnations.  For me the most profound was that they have incarnated on other universes other than this one.

 For some this is the first time they have really brought their energies into this universe!  I can say without doubt that each one had his own individual personality.

After some meditation with my guides on the subject, I have come to an understanding that both Spirit Guides and we are energy and that we mostly tend to attract energy that is most like us.

 Guides come in all shapes and sizes – all of which are designed to make us comfortable with having their energies around us.  These awarenesses also provide clues to their function within our lives. 

They also lead me to understand that we are both working on a spiritual path but the main word here is WORK.  They stress that we should not become too reliant on them but to use them as a tool by which to gauge our spiritual growth and then to use them as mentors and/ or coaches.  Much like using the computer as a tool for information while for others the computer begins to control their life which is not the computers fault but the users own. 

Ultimately we have to use our own judgement to decide what is correct or appropriate for us.  We are responsible for our own actions and hence the consequences of an action or an inaction are ours alone.

Hello from me

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader and in all the work I do I am simply reading energy. I believe that Spirit hold the answers and my intention is always to work from the highest purest divine source. I have been linking with Spirit since childhood often predicting major life events. I am highly sensitive to what spirit and my guides are showing me which allows me to tune into the nuggets of gold held within every situation using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient and my psychic abilities. I have a natural affinity with people and am sensitive to their needs having received some training in counselling, psychotherapy and with the Samaritans