I love Mediumship

For all my readings but especially for a Mediumship reading I use Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience as well as my Psychic abilities.

For me a mediumship reading gives evidence of life after death.  During the reading loved ones will step forward and will give information that will identify them.  Often names, incidents, funny stories will be given using words or style of talking with are alien to the Medium but will remind the client of that person. 

I prepare for a reading by meditation during which I ensure that my chakras are full open and balanced and that all my energies are cleansed.  I set my intention to work from the highest purest source i.e. the God Energy.   I then request my guides to step close and then we spend some time getting accustomed to each other’s energy.  My guides are often light hearted at this point and there is a feeling of gentle excitement and anticipation as well as encouragement from my guides. As soon as the reading starts there is an uplifting of the energies in the room.

Testimonials from previous readings:-

Raj provides proof to confirm he is communicating to those who know you, to reassure you he is in communication with his guides and spirits are connected to you. Raj has been known to describe who is talking, for added confirmation. His readings can provide information which is unknown to the client, but is able to be confirmed later. Raj is expressive in the readings he gives; he finds he has to use words or expressions which would not normally be in his everyday life. Raj is amazingly accurate in his readings and is sensitive to the fact that sometimes you are hearing something for the first time. If you have questions and want answers – definitely have a reading with Raj. You will get guidance and often have your questions answered, but maybe not in the way you would expect.   Karen Bashford.

Raj’s readings are very accurate, detailed and crystal clear. I have had the privilege of many readings from Raj and I found them inspirational and encouraging giving the upmost spiritual guidance covering all spheres of life such as healing for anxieties, family, love, career, health and general life readings. I highly recommend Raj for readings as the results are amazing, you will find that it can be a life changing experience as you can view life with a fresh perspective bringing in love and light. Zara

I love Tarot


Tarot really is magic. It can tune into your situation with devastating clarity. I really enjoy doing Tarot Readings because of the amount of information that can come through. I was aware of spirit from as long back as I can remember which allows me to give evidence as I’m going along so you can be sure I really am tuned into your situation.

Some kind words from Janice who has now become a dear friend

“I have received Healing and Tarot readings from Raj during the last 2 years These have both been of a consistently high standard and his skilful readings have shown great insight and understanding as well as demonstrating tremendous accuracy. He has always spent time listening carefully to my concerns and responding with a calm and considered ‘ear’ In addition I have appreciated Raj’s empathy and compassion and devotion to his craft. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Sincerely Janice”

I love Aura Soma

Working with Aura Soma I learnt about Angels, the Spirit World, Regression, the Afterlife, Tarot and much more.

The Aura-Soma system is about colour, plant and crystal therapy, as well as energy work and “soul therapy” that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Aura-Soma has been called the ‘mirror of the soul’ hence the idea behind Aura-Soma is “you are the colours you choose.” For an Aura-Soma consultation, you choose four bottles of coloured liquids — most of them a combination of two different colours — from a startlingly beautiful display of 110 bottles.

An Aura-Soma consultation is well suited for people

  • who are at a crossroads
  • who want to work with Angels & Ascended Masters
  • who want to invite change
  • who want to bring a new focus to their life
  • who are open to exploring themselves on a deeper level
  • who are engaging in soul or regression work.

The bottles you choose are interpreted by a registered Aura-Soma consultant, who gives you a deeper understanding of your soul potential, your talents and gifts to fulfilling this, what energies are coming in the present and what is there already but are putting it aside.

Who Invented Aura-Soma?

Aura-Soma was created in 1984 by an Englishwoman named Vicky Wall, whose father was a master of Kabala and taught her about the healing qualities of various plants.

She became blind as an adult but one night, at the age of 66, she began creating the first bottles. She had the impression the formulas were transmitted to her from another dimension with input from her father, according to “Aura –Soma: Healing Through Colour, Plan and Crystal Energy” by Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth.

Vicky Wall also “received” the name through prayer and meditation.  Aura refers to the electromagnetic field surrounding every person and soma is the Greek word for body.

She called the bottles her “jewels”, but they are not just beautiful to look at. Wall believed there are literally “spirits in the bottles” and that by applying the bottles’ contents to your body you can harmonize the “vibrations” of the body and bring it into balance.

Translating Colour Into English

“The Aura-Soma Consultation is a translation of the colours you choose.  You are saying something in the language of colour that is essential to you at this moment in your life. The Aura-Soma Practitioner has learned how to translate what you are saying in the language of colour into English

Each of the bottles, called “Equilibrium Oils,” have two different layers that are infused with the healing energies of plant extracts, essential oils and crystals. The bottom is water-based and the top layer is oil-based. This separation is what gives the bottles the two-toned appearance that is so beautiful.

What The Aura-Soma Bottles Mean

Each Aura-Soma bottle called the Equilibrium Bottles have a specific theme or meaning, such as “The Wisdom of Love,” “Trust” or “Living in the Material World.” The order you choose them in also has a specific meaning. 

The bottles can be interpreted in various ways to give an even deeper understanding including – emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, archetypal, energetic, astrological and numerological.

The Consultation

The consultant will tell you when selecting that the greater guide is within you.  The intention behind each bottle or product is that it works for your greatest good. The first bottle is considered to be the Soul Bottle which represents how we view our purpose for this incarnation, at this point in time.

The second bottle is our greatest gifts and talents as well as the challenges that we have designed for this life.

The third bottle indicates our here and now.  It shows how our talents have been expressed thus far, as we have worked with our challenges.  In this was we get to know where we have come to with regard to our intention for incarnation and our lessons and talents.

The fourth bottle reflects the energies that are coming towards us from the future.  It can also be an expression of that which we could have now but tend to put off until tomorrow.

Other Products

After your Aura-Soma consultation the consultant will support you to choose the bottle that you apply the bottles to your body.

He or she will also recommend other Aura-Soma products called Pomanders and Quintessences, which support and stimulate the effect of the oils. The Pomanders clear your aura and provide protection, and the Quintessences invite a new quality into your life. There are other products that also facilitate working with angels, archangels as well as ascended masters.


Recently I was asked if Guides are a separate entity or if they are existing only within us.  Apparently some people argue that Guides are just a part of us and who we are – that they are the part of us that is on the spiritual path. 

Others have made me aware that they literally have hundreds of guides and when they work some of the guides’ state that they have been with them from previous incarnations.

Initially I was only ever aware of 2 guides both of whom worked with me on a sensory basis and have never given me names but I am aware of their different energies.

Then I decided to have healing from 2 different practioners.  And 2 further guides emerged – both I can see clearly but they never speak only gesture which is almost totally opposite of what I have experienced up till now.

So I asked my guides – all 4 of them – are they separate or only a part of us.

 They found this humorous and went on to give me insights into their previous incarnations.  For me the most profound was that they have incarnated on other universes other than this one.

 For some this is the first time they have really brought their energies into this universe!  I can say without doubt that each one had his own individual personality.

After some meditation with my guides on the subject, I have come to an understanding that both Spirit Guides and we are energy and that we mostly tend to attract energy that is most like us.

 Guides come in all shapes and sizes – all of which are designed to make us comfortable with having their energies around us.  These awarenesses also provide clues to their function within our lives. 

They also lead me to understand that we are both working on a spiritual path but the main word here is WORK.  They stress that we should not become too reliant on them but to use them as a tool by which to gauge our spiritual growth and then to use them as mentors and/ or coaches.  Much like using the computer as a tool for information while for others the computer begins to control their life which is not the computers fault but the users own. 

Ultimately we have to use our own judgement to decide what is correct or appropriate for us.  We are responsible for our own actions and hence the consequences of an action or an inaction are ours alone.

Hello from me

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader and in all the work I do I am simply reading energy. I believe that Spirit hold the answers and my intention is always to work from the highest purest divine source. I have been linking with Spirit since childhood often predicting major life events. I am highly sensitive to what spirit and my guides are showing me which allows me to tune into the nuggets of gold held within every situation using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient and my psychic abilities. I have a natural affinity with people and am sensitive to their needs having received some training in counselling, psychotherapy and with the Samaritans