Kind words


“Raj asked me to write a quick testimonial for him in regards to the impact his practise has had on me my life and my environment.

I very quickly said yes no problem I will do that straight away, yet I find myself finally writing this testimonial some 24 hours after he asked me the favour, what I thought would be a quick two minute email has actually been quite a challenge

Putting into words my experience with raj is quite difficult, it’s a deeply personal and powerful journey That i have gone though since working with him and trying to put this into words with actual meaning rather then simply writing the usual marketing waffle is daunting.

I met raj through my wife about a year and a half ago, we had been undergoing fertility issues and she had been to see him really through desperation to find help and answers.  My wife made and instant connection and later asked me to join her for a couples healing, something which I would normally have said bah humbug to, but in the spirit of supporting her I agreed.

Full of the usual doubt and preconditioned judgement I went to the healing session, my doubts firmly in place I knew everything I needed to know.

Now I would like to say that raj instantly was able to smash my doubts away, and I was converted on the spot, but the reality was far more subtle, over the course of that first treatment all I can say everything changed but it changed in a very subtle peaceful way, I felt comfortable and at home and found the whole process to be utterly peaceful,

Since that first visit I have begun a journey of self development and self discovery under raj as a facilitator, I have begun to understand myself my family my environment better than ever before. I am the owner of a multi million pound business who has a busy stressful life, the value Raj has added to me life is hard to pin down in these few words.hSYNERGY is one of my favourite words and it is really apt for this scenario, my own abilities and raj teaching complement each other perfectly he helped me to be a stronger person by finding peace with who and what I am, my family life is better than ever largely because I am a nicer more peaceful person to be with, and my business life is stronger, the relationships I have with clients and staff are stronger than ever, I look at the world differently taking more than my small point of view I have developed a greater understanding of others their needs points of views and feelings which inturn has enable me to be a much better deal maker and manager I absolutely follow the WIN WIN strategy now, I win my clients win my staff win my family win…”


Raj’s readings are very accurate, detailed and crystal clear. I have had the privilege of many readings from Raj and I found them inspirational and encouraging giving the upmost spiritual guidance covering all spheres of life such as healing for anxieties, family, career, health and general life readings. I highly recommend Raj’s readings as the results are amazing, you will find that it can be a life changing experience as you can view life from a fresh perspective bringing in love and light.”


“Raj has been helping me for about a year. I have always found him genuinely caring and helpful in his approach.

He goes beyond the norm in my experience and I find him to be accurate in his readings picking relevant situations in my life without information from me.

When I have been at my lowest the Reiki and counselling work has lifted and grounded me enabling me to get back to some sort of normal existence at a debilitating time.

I have worked with other councillors but find Raj to be more in tune with my needs. I come to him with many questions and I get all the answers I need without even asking most of the time. Raj has been a major support in my life this year helping me get through a difficult time in my life. Not only that, I find with his support and guidance I am also a more developed person. I see and feel things now that I had not experienced before.

He has the insight to know about health considerations without prompt and has been spot on matching reports from my Doctors. I don’t trust people easily but Raj has consistently shown himself to be of the highest standard and ethics. I strongly recommend him to any one that I think is in need of his services.

Without Raj and his support I really don’t know where I would be.

I am sincerely grateful that he has and continues to be there for me.”



“A Tarot reading with Raj is not just a regular Tarot reading. Raj has a natural ability to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Coupled with his sincerity is often his infectious sense of humour! With Raj you always feel that his focus is on you, the client. The actual Reading itself is very much centered on the individual. If you find yourself in a quandary, in need of reassurance or quite simply need confirmation for whatever reason, Raj’s unique ability will help you to connect with Spirit. The answers lie with Spirit and Raj acts as a channel to relay those all important messages. In each of his Readings, Raj is driven by what he describes as ‘the golden nugget’. His mission is to convey this golden nugget of information to his client in order to potentially empower and enrich that individual’s life further still”.


“I have know Raj since 1994 and have had many readings and healing/mentoring/coaching sessions with him. His Energy Healing amazing but as a coach/mentor, not only is he extremely accurate with his intuition and messages, Raj has also developed a careful and considered approach to sensitively handling difficult issues. He is direct and caring and extremely articulate. Raj has compassion yet is able to operate with integrity whilst maintain balance.”

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Vicky and Richard 

I have had 4 readings from Raj over the last year, and my husband has had one reading. Raj was so clear and picked up so much about our situation which was at crisis level. He was outstanding in what he saw, sensed and was way above any other readings that I have had before. He gave practical help and we were amazed in just half an hour reading, how much helpful info he gave..  my husband had never had a reading before and was a little unsure but after his reading, was blown away!!! Thank you Raj, as always, my first port of call for clear guidance..

Kamila Dudkova

I’ve known Rajpal for nearly 4 years and I was always extremely happy with the experience, whether it was a regular reiki therapy or tarot card reading. Raj also acted as a mediumship on several occasions when I was going through a difficult time, bereavement. I continued seeing him as often as I needed, enjoyed Aura Soma reading or sometimes just talking as Raj has a great understanding of the human psyche and is a very accomplished, professional healer. We both share love of crystals and I realized he understands me better than most of my friends! Based on my own experience I recommended him to numerous friends who were in need of help. And to my knowledge, they continue recommending him to their friends. He is a truly understanding, patient and gifted character and I don’t know how I would get through my difficult days without him. Thank you.

Veronica FitzGerald

I have known Raj since 2011. During that time he has been a good friend and confidante.

He has undertaken training in psychic readings and healing from a variety of sources. He has provided these services for me on many occasions.   In order to provide the best service for me he has used a number of different techniques, which have been most helpful to me.   I have found him to be diligent in his work and always respectful.

I have no hesitation in recommending Raj for this work.

Yours sincerely,

Elaine Bennett

I have known Raj for a number of years using him for healing, readings and as a mentor and teacher.

Raj is the ultimate professional at all times and his integrity is second to none. Highly knowledgeable within his field, articulate, honest, caring, approachable with a fantastic sense of humour. 

I would highly recommend Raj (I have done) for both readings and healings.


I was first introduced to Raj in March of this year when I felt like I hit a brick wall, I had given up my executive job that was grinding me down and I didn’t know who I was anymore and it was a friend of mine that recommend me to see Raj.

Raj and I formed a special relationship and I see raj frequently every few weeks, I have had readings and always have reiki healing which allows me my own time to relax and feel energised.

I have had reiki healing, bio energy cleansing in the past however Raj really gives you the opportunity to see whats outside of the daily grind and help you to achieve goals which i never got with other specialists.

I’m on a new path, spending more time at home, have an amazing family and without raj I was on the brink of loosing all of this.

I cant thank Raj enough for the help and support he has provided and will continue to do so


I friend recommended Raj to me, and I ended up going for an initial reading. Raj made me feel at ease and clearly explained how everything works, and was always happy to help if I had any further questions. The reading was spot on, and it offered a new perspective to me on certain situations. Moreover many of the things Raj mentioned have already come true.
After the first reading Raj also asked if I would like to learn to read tarot which interested me a lot, so we started a course. We also combined it with healing, which has been extremely helpful and therapeutic. In both the tarot teaching and healing he is always professional and very helpful whenever I have any questions. I always look forward to our classes, and each time I take away a lot from the experience. I would highly recommend Raj as a reader, healer and teacher.


Raj is an extraordinary psychic and healer. He is able to see things so deeply on multitude of levels; emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have always been amazed and what he can pick and the advice he has given on my romantic situation.

As healer he is also very gifted, helping me to clear wounds from childhood!!

To summarise I am grateful to have Raj in my life xx


My healing experience with you Raj has been amazing. Before I met you at the beginning of this year I lived in fear of anxiety and what if’s. I now face things instead of avoiding them.  Without having the healing I wouldn’t of been able to achieve half the things I have. I cannot thank you enough for guiding me in the right direction and healing the anxiety within. Thank you so much x 


I have been seeing Raj for over one and a half years. He has been a great mentor and healer through my journey of life . His healing has helped me through some tough and challenging times . He has always been professional and has been able to make me feel confident and calm when faced with pressure . He is a blessing and I am thankful for his works and time !


I have been seeing Raj regularly since July 2016, I was drawn to get in touch with him after a serious of extreme bad fortune in business, and also a very strange loss in sex drive after becoming very ill with an illness after visiting Thailand.

In February 2017 I began to book with Raj on a weekly basis and sometimes more and the transformation in my life has been phenomenal to say the least.

I have had a variety of treatment from Raj, psychic readings and intuitive advice, ayurverdic massage and reiki & crystal energy healing.

In addition to this, I made it a requirement that any of my future full time staff visit Raj for a series of sessions until I felt satisfied they were up to scratch energetically, in all case all wanted to continue seeing Raj after the required number of sessions were completed, in particular one member who was travelling down from Cambridge.

With regards to results and the effect Raj’s therapy had on me, it gave me clarity in business and within my own self to tackle the problems I had and it has helped me move my business into directions it would not have been able to before. Raj was able to hit on the problems and what was holding me and the business back and on taking his advice and using my own initiative I was able to completely transform my business and my life in a much healthier and positive way.

With the issue of the lower sex drive after becoming ill, I had a series of 8 sessions or so of Reiki energy healing where the reiki healer will place their hands over your body and move energy around in order to bring it into balance, I could not believe the transformation for my sex drive to return even healthier than it was before I got ill – some may argue Reiki is a placebo, but either way, it worked!

I have also had Ayurverdic massage from Raj where I always felt very comfortable, along with anything he and myself discussed, I would be happy to discuss intimate issues or personal problems with Raj due to his extremely high ethical approach and confidentiality. Even when I would send a staff member to him, the only information I was allowed to know was if they were attending, if they were taking it seriously and if Raj felt they would be good for my business.

Raj’s approach to his work and his life has been a huge inspiration to me, he is the most honest, kind and thoughtful yet disciplined man I have met in any capacity, disciplined in terms of professionalism when it comes to his working practices, despite how well we got on, I admired how Raj would maintain client boundaries rather than allowing us to become friends as would have happened with many others, as this would have been detrimental to our healing relationship.

One issue I had was that I would regularly use small psychological manipulation with women in order to get what I want (not in any malicious way), something a lot of men do and would find it hard to stop, however after the issue was randomly brought up in a session, Raj’s amazing ethical and honest character and intuiition explained what I was doing in such a way that it hit home that it was not the right thing to do, and almost immediately I stopped and have not done anything like that ever since, I have been nothing but honest with any potential girl I have spoken too which is a big thing for someone like me who spent many years doing this in order to avoid being in a committed relationship.

I have found Raj’s healing so amazing that I encouraged my Sister to go and see him which she did, my Mother to have a phone reading (her health is not great so she would not travel well from where we are), I have recommended my Dad to go for Ayuverdic massage due to his bad back however he works 6 days a week 6am-9pm so finds it very hard time wise, as well as more than 7 other close people to me who have been to see him and all had great experiences.

If every single person on the planet was able to have 8 sessions with Raj, the world would be an un recognisable better place and I can’t commend him enough for this amazing working practices and ethics and for what he gives back to the world.


Raj is very insightful and empathetic, he can tune in, engage and offer excellent, comforting and affirmative guidance.


Raj has been my help and support for the last 3 years. He has always helped me to understand my own issues, why I behave in a certain way and how we can transmute the issue into a positive outcome. Raj helps me bring clarity into my confusion working with me on holistic level. I really value his positive contribution into my life and I can see massive positive changes in my life. Nice transmutation from just survival into thriving, enjoyable life full of wonders. Many thanks Raj you exist and helping me on my journey.


A friend of mine recommended I saw Raj for a Reading after the death of my son a few years ago. 

My experience of our skype sessions and home visit for Healing have been extraordinary in both the ‘information received and shared’ and the ‘peace of mind’ felt after all ‘sessions’ with Raj, has been ‘life saving’ for me. 

I value his insights and spiritual knowledge and although have found one other trusted ‘Healer’ close to my home in the West Country, the waiting time for appointments is over 6 months … seeking and finding Raj in the last couple of years has saved me from turning to  pills for depression.  

Raj is light-hearted in his approach but extraordinarily ‘insightful’ with his gifts and intuitive knowledge and from his compassion, sensitivity and deep caring of humanity and the pain felt by individuals in their journeys through Life…. his ‘Readings’ allow any client to listen, ask questions for further clarity and assess, with the new information offered, to make different choices for themselves, if they so choose to do.

Raj offers a more ‘wholistic picture’ to his clients…. information that he can ‘see’ that may help those who seek a deeper level of understanding for themselves, with more integrity, than the superficial and lonely worlds we now are forced to live in now overrun with shallow and digital communication! 

I turn to Raj for ‘Readings’ when I am seeking ‘missing information’ and only after I have spent a long time processing all that I know…. and when I do….. the session and outcomes from conversations with Raj have been immensely valuable in helping me stay on an even keel, when grief, living alone and working 55 hours a week on minimum wage is a relentless and challenging way way to stay positive. 

Raj is a professional friend’ spiritual guide and guru to me and because I have benefitted so much from his insights, I have shared my experience of his Readings and Healing with many many of my friends and working colleagues….and suggested that they too turn to him, if needs be.

With ‘Blessings of Thanks’ and enormous gratitude……


I just wanted you to know that I loved my reading with you (Thu 13th), it was really wonderful.  It helped shift me into a more positive space and there were several things that you said / covered, that made quite an impact on me, in a good way.

I wanted to ask you to please keep me in the loop, with any classes / courses that you offer.  I’d be very interested to be guided by you.

I’m especially interested in Mediumship and Channelling, having had a life long fascination with both.

I’m wanting also to send love and blessings to your dog who is recovering from a broken back and to your mum, whom had recently come to live with you and is poorly.



Having met Raj through a mediumship consultation I was interested in his healing services. I had no expectations or pre conceptions being new to the spiritual path. On arrival he instantly made me feel at ease and explained the process in depth and discussed any issues I may be having and what I would like to achieve from healing. So far I have had two sessions and they were both extremely different. 

Week One: I find it hard to switch off and often find my mind wandering so wanting this to work I tried to completely relax. I felt myself drift and was very unaware of my surroundings. My thoughts were high octane and frenzied I pictured waterfalls and fire and being wrapped in gold cloth (Raj later informed me he had used red and gold Aura Soma). It took me a little while to come back to the present and I felt good. Upbeat and energetic. I likened it to being on a cloud and the drive home was peaceful and serene. Post healing I made some dramatic changes to my life and actually felt myself being stronger willed. I stood up for myself and fought some corners I would normally have shied away from. After a week I knew I wanted to continue so booked another session. 

Week Two: Having left in such serenity I was excited to start the process. Again Raj and I discussed what I would like to achieve and the session began. This time it felt instantly different. I couldn’t drift as before and was very aware of my surroundings, I felt like I was being pulled back to the surface. Throughout I could feel various pressures on different parts of my body, my left ankle felt heavy with a dragging sensation, and at one point I felt someone at my right ear and a whispering breath. My eyes sprung open and Raj was extremely far away and organising the Aura Soma. Yet I still felt the presence there. At this point an extreme sadness like grief overwhelmed me. I tried to hold it in but physically couldn’t. I could feel tears running from my eyes into my ears and literally couldn’t breathe through the sobs. All I could think of was my Grandmother who is showing signs of dementia and we were in a field bathed in yellow. This time I easily came round and let it all go. I couldn’t talk for crying and felt emotion so strong I literally had to swallow it down to speak. Raj explained everything and as always was a huge comfort and advised me to take some time before driving. I left his office and found a tree, looking to the sky I cried like a baby.

Needless to say I will be continuing with the recommended 6 to 7 sessions. I hadn’t even processed my Grandmothers illness so for this to be brought out was a huge shock. Everything about the process is mind blowing, including Raj himself, he knows exactly how to be each time and I am excited for our future meetings. 


Hello Raj!

I am feeling so great after our reading this evening that I thought it would be best to write your testimonial now while this is all clear in my mind!

Please see below – do you want me to write a longer one? Happy to expand – thought you might want a shortish / punchy one for the website.

I also would love to have you teach me with Tarot, Psychic and Mediumship Development as well as Reiki and healing as you mention on your website – I live on the other side of London to you but please could you send me some details, dates/times you hold these sessions? Are they 1-1? Can we do via Skype? Prices? etc anything else I need to know.

Thanks so much!