Kind words from my friends and clients


“Raj asked me to write a quick testimonial for him in regards to the impact his practise has had on me my life and my environment.

I very quickly said yes no problem I will do that straight away, yet I find myself finally writing this testimonial some 24 hours after he asked me the favour, what I thought would be a quick two minute email has actually been quite a challenge

Putting into words my experience with raj is quite difficult, it’s a deeply personal and powerful journey That i have gone though since working with him and trying to put this into words with actual meaning rather then simply writing the usual marketing waffle is daunting.

I met raj through my wife about a year and a half ago, we had been undergoing fertility issues and she had been to see him really through desperation to find help and answers.  My wife made and instant connection and later asked me to join her for a couples healing, something which I would normally have said bah humbug to, but in the spirit of supporting her I agreed.

Full of the usual doubt and preconditioned judgement I went to the healing session, my doubts firmly in place I knew everything I needed to know.

Now I would like to say that raj instantly was able to smash my doubts away, and I was converted on the spot, but the reality was far more subtle, over the course of that first treatment all I can say everything changed but it changed in a very subtle peaceful way, I felt comfortable and at home and found the whole process to be utterly peaceful,

Since that first visit I have begun a journey of self development and self discovery under raj as a facilitator, I have begun to understand myself my family my environment better than ever before. I am the owner of a multi million pound business who has a busy stressful life, the value Raj has added to me life is hard to pin down in these few words.

SYNERGY is one of my favourite words and it is really apt for this scenario, my own abilities and raj teaching complement each other perfectly he helped me to be a stronger person by finding peace with who and what I am, my family life is better than ever largely because I am a nicer more peaceful person to be with, and my business life is stronger, the relationships I have with clients and staff are stronger than ever, I look at the world differently taking more than my small point of view I have developed a greater understanding of others their needs points of views and feelings which inturn has enable me to be a much better deal maker and manager I absolutely follow the WIN WIN strategy now, I win my clients win my staff win my family win…”

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