Seekraj – a brief introduction to Raj

I have been in touch with Spirit even as a young boy being raised in the tropics by my parents. My inner voice began to reveal details about events that had yet to take place. At first my family didn’t understand the deeper connection I had with my spirit guides  but over time friends and relatives would ask for readings – although at the time I wasn’t aware of what it was I was doing.

It was only as I grew into adulthood that I finally began to understand the true meaning of my psychic ability. Upon meeting medium Peter Temperton my ability to connect with spirit grew.   He gently guided me towards a new perception about my inner voice, and his years of experience allowed to me gradually develop, strengthen and channel my mediumship skills.

I was lucky enough to start reading for people who had been sent by spirit to help and guide them. Deep down I still felt I had much more to learn and my wonderful guides led me to Karen Platt. She was responsible for teaching me how to truly engage with my intuition and also how to provide structured tarot readings. Karen was a true mentor and a friend who meant the world to me and I was deeply saddened when she returned to spirit.

Along the way many other dear friends have helped me including Margie Brookes who gave me the strength to deeply connect with the spirit world, and sadly she too has now returned to spirit. However, their guidance continues as a united spiritual force which has led me towards a host of gifted teachers and mentors who have all had a tremendous impact on my life and, in turn, the people who visit me for reads. .a=fun

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