I love Mediumship

For all my readings but especially for a Mediumship reading I use Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience as well as my Psychic abilities.

For me a mediumship reading gives evidence of life after death.  During the reading loved ones will step forward and will give information that will identify them.  Often names, incidents, funny stories will be given using words or style of talking with are alien to the Medium but will remind the client of that person. 

I prepare for a reading by meditation during which I ensure that my chakras are full open and balanced and that all my energies are cleansed.  I set my intention to work from the highest purest source i.e. the God Energy.   I then request my guides to step close and then we spend some time getting accustomed to each other’s energy.  My guides are often light hearted at this point and there is a feeling of gentle excitement and anticipation as well as encouragement from my guides. As soon as the reading starts there is an uplifting of the energies in the room.

Testimonials from previous readings:-

Raj provides proof to confirm he is communicating to those who know you, to reassure you he is in communication with his guides and spirits are connected to you. Raj has been known to describe who is talking, for added confirmation. His readings can provide information which is unknown to the client, but is able to be confirmed later. Raj is expressive in the readings he gives; he finds he has to use words or expressions which would not normally be in his everyday life. Raj is amazingly accurate in his readings and is sensitive to the fact that sometimes you are hearing something for the first time. If you have questions and want answers – definitely have a reading with Raj. You will get guidance and often have your questions answered, but maybe not in the way you would expect.   Karen Bashford.

Raj’s readings are very accurate, detailed and crystal clear. I have had the privilege of many readings from Raj and I found them inspirational and encouraging giving the upmost spiritual guidance covering all spheres of life such as healing for anxieties, family, love, career, health and general life readings. I highly recommend Raj for readings as the results are amazing, you will find that it can be a life changing experience as you can view life with a fresh perspective bringing in love and light. Zara


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