I’ve updated the front of my premises..

The home of peaceful positive energy has a new aura… When you come to vsit me for a reading or some energy healing you’ll see a whole new look when you approach, I’ve tried to create the same positive energy outside that lives inside, and I dearly hope you all approve…


Kind words

Raj’s readings are very accurate, detailed and crystal clear. I have had the privilege of many readings from Raj and I found them inspirational and encouraging giving the upmost spiritual guidance covering all spheres of life such as healing for anxieties, family, career, health and general life readings. I highly recommend Raj’s readings as the results are amazing, you will find that it can be a life changing experience as you can view life from a fresh perspective bringing in love and light.” Zara

Kind words


“Just over a year ago I was introduced to Raj. I had a difficult few years and had tried lots of services offering readings and healing. Raj explained in detail what his service consists off and how his services may be a help to me. I have now been seeing Raj nearly every 8/9 days over the year. My health and wellbeing changed so much, seeing Raj nearly weekly through my choice has affected every part of my life. I feel so much happier in body and mind, it has helped me rediscover myself making my life happier but also making my work life run a lot better. This is a valuable service.”

King Regards Milton

Kind words from my friends and clients


“Raj asked me to write a quick testimonial for him in regards to the impact his practise has had on me my life and my environment.

I very quickly said yes no problem I will do that straight away, yet I find myself finally writing this testimonial some 24 hours after he asked me the favour, what I thought would be a quick two minute email has actually been quite a challenge

Putting into words my experience with raj is quite difficult, it’s a deeply personal and powerful journey That i have gone though since working with him and trying to put this into words with actual meaning rather then simply writing the usual marketing waffle is daunting.

I met raj through my wife about a year and a half ago, we had been undergoing fertility issues and she had been to see him really through desperation to find help and answers.  My wife made and instant connection and later asked me to join her for a couples healing, something which I would normally have said bah humbug to, but in the spirit of supporting her I agreed.

Full of the usual doubt and preconditioned judgement I went to the healing session, my doubts firmly in place I knew everything I needed to know.

Now I would like to say that raj instantly was able to smash my doubts away, and I was converted on the spot, but the reality was far more subtle, over the course of that first treatment all I can say everything changed but it changed in a very subtle peaceful way, I felt comfortable and at home and found the whole process to be utterly peaceful,

Since that first visit I have begun a journey of self development and self discovery under raj as a facilitator, I have begun to understand myself my family my environment better than ever before. I am the owner of a multi million pound business who has a busy stressful life, the value Raj has added to me life is hard to pin down in these few words.

SYNERGY is one of my favourite words and it is really apt for this scenario, my own abilities and raj teaching complement each other perfectly he helped me to be a stronger person by finding peace with who and what I am, my family life is better than ever largely because I am a nicer more peaceful person to be with, and my business life is stronger, the relationships I have with clients and staff are stronger than ever, I look at the world differently taking more than my small point of view I have developed a greater understanding of others their needs points of views and feelings which inturn has enable me to be a much better deal maker and manager I absolutely follow the WIN WIN strategy now, I win my clients win my staff win my family win…”

A few thoughts on Karma

In the west it is common to talk casually about Karma and increasingly we also talk about instant karma.  Karma is often used whenever there has been a challenging situation e.g. a terrible incident or an accident.  In the east it often used in an envious or fatalistic way.  If an event occurred in a person’s life which was considered lucky it was said to be the result of his karma and if there was tragedy it’s said the person cannot escape Karma.

 But is karma this simple?  

Both are referring to a person’s actions that result in good or bad consequences in their lives.

In the west the implication is that its actions that you are currently taking which result in good or bad and so you can affect the outcome by changing your behaviour.  While in the east it is normally a reference to past life actions that we are feeling the consequences of now and so unable to change.

As a consequence people in the east are striving to lead good lives to ensure good karma in their next lives While in the west we strive to alter our behaviours which will lead to changes in our present circumstances – there are many examples of spiritual counselling being offered to help you learn meaning of your karma and your lessons to take the power back into your current life.

Karma is an eastern tradition and is very complex.  Not only are there 3 types of Karma there are also 3 states of karma.

The 3 types of Karma are:

  • Karma that accumulates from life to life and you are constantly adding  to is known as the whole memory
  • Some Karma is said to have ripened and you meet in this life time in the form of events and is therefore of a fixed nature. This is know as the karma that comes forward
  • In this life time you are creating new karma which you will enjoy in the future and is known as that which develops.

According to the accumulation of these laws of karma your will be reincarnated into the appropriate life.

But there are also 3 states of Karma. 

The first type is Fixed which means you cannot change it and is often referred to people who come into this life fated to do certain deeds and Hitler is often given as an example of this type of Karma and of course a warning!

The second type is Unfixed Karma  which most people have and so you can change a lot of your Karma accordingly to your deeds and this is the one that we refer to mostly in the west.

The third type is a mixture of the 2 and is what is referred to in the east.  This is the most challenging because you can only mitigate your karma.  So if you were fated to have an accident then by performing positive actions this will be mitigated  so that the accident will be transmuted from a serious one to a minor incident. fffff

I use various meditations when healing or teaching intuition. This is one of my favourites.

In your mind’s eye see yourself on a path with a crystal door at the end.  You walk along the path and walk through the crystal door.

You hear chanting in the distance.  You are drawn to the sound and you begin to move towards this sound.   You are aware that you are high up in the mountains.  The air you breath is crystal clear and so pure you almost feel drunk.  Birds are singing the most melodious notes and the most wondrous flowers are growing sporadically on the mountain top. 

All the time you are walking the chanting is getting louder  and as you turn the corner you come across a Temple.  The door is open and you step onto the entrance.

Down below are monks sitting in meditation all chanting but you still cannot make out the words.  However you know they are sitting in the presence of the divine.

The head monk opens his eyes.  You see divine wisdom and knowledge in those eyes.  He beckons for you to join them and to sit with them.  You know you are in the presence of the most pure goodness and feel totally safe and protected.

You go down seven steps and sit among the monks.  All the time the chanting continues.

You look around and see that between the monks are also arch angels, angels of all realms, fairy folk, and elves.  You are drawn to sit in a particular area of this hall.  You slowly make your way there and sit, making yourself comfortable.  You look round to see who you are with and see that among the others around you are your guides and loved ones.  Happily you look for the other members of circle and see them also sitting among their guides and loved ones. 

You feel total happiness and bliss.<PAUSE>  You feel a surge of love, peace and harmony with all those that surround you:-  The divine, the monks, the arch angels, angels, fairy and elf folk.

The chanting continues and in total happiness and bliss you settle back and close your eyes .  AS YOU DO SO you finally understand the words for the monks are chanting:




Please continue chanting with them for a few moments.

You become aware of a slight difference in the sound BECAUSE every time you say I  – all the monks, all the guides: yours and those of the circle, all of your loved ones and those of the circle – are saying your name.

Every time you say you heareveryone else say your name

So in total bliss peace and harmony you all continue to chant :


AND every time you say I  – you hear everyone else say your name.

Please continue chanting with them for a few moments.


You feel a hand on your shoulder and open your eyes.  The head monk stands next to you indicating for you to stand and he takes you to the other end of this great hall. In the distance the monks continue to chant softly like a whisper in the wind using your name. 

You enter the space the Head Monk indicates for you and you see your guides and loved ones are sitting waiting for you.  You take your place among them and sit to give and receive love and blessings. I will leave you for a few moments now.


It is time to leave.  The head monk is standing at another door and indicates for you for you to join him.  Take a few moments to say your farewells and them join the Head Monk.


You see very one in this circle gather with you around the head monk who leads all of us out and to the Crystal Door.  He gently opens the door and as we walk through the door  he chants:

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering.

You hear his words as you make your way back into this room.


At the count of 5 you will be back in this room bring through all the happiness, bliss and peace.

1       2       3  Please begin to open your eyes      4       5

You are NOW totally awake and present in this room.

Seekraj – a brief introduction to Raj

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I have been in touch with Spirit even as a young boy being raised in the tropics by my parents. My inner voice began to reveal details about events that had yet to take place. At first my family didn’t understand the deeper connection I had with my spirit guides  but over time friends and relatives would ask for readings – although at the time I wasn’t aware of what it was I was doing.

It was only as I grew into adulthood that I finally began to understand the true meaning of my psychic ability. Upon meeting medium Peter Temperton my ability to connect with spirit grew.   He gently guided me towards a new perception about my inner voice, and his years of experience allowed to me gradually develop, strengthen and channel my mediumship skills.

I was lucky enough to start reading for people who had been sent by spirit to help and guide them. Deep down I still felt I had much more to learn and my wonderful guides led me to Karen Platt. She was responsible for teaching me how to truly engage with my intuition and also how to provide structured tarot readings. Karen was a true mentor and a friend who meant the world to me and I was deeply saddened when she returned to spirit.

Along the way many other dear friends have helped me including Margie Brookes who gave me the strength to deeply connect with the spirit world, and sadly she too has now returned to spirit. However, their guidance continues as a united spiritual force which has led me towards a host of gifted teachers and mentors who have all had a tremendous impact on my life and, in turn, the people who visit me for reads. .a=fun